SP.o.t.S Radio “Anatomy”

Three of the Spots give their musical takes on an overall “Anatomy” theme…

Postie AKA Spot#1 tells the dramatic story of his missing ring “finger” – a digit violently removed from his hand by an overly aggressive fence earlier in the year. The set runs through his chance meeting with a trapped dog and his careless attempt to rescue it without removing his wedding band. What followed involved a 10 day hospital stay, two major operations, leeches, plenty of morphine and learning to live with 9 fingers.

Spot#2s take on proceedings take inspiration from a random encounter with a Lord Kitchener 7″ and goes from there as he swaps headphones for a stethoscope and checks the Technics for warts with his cough and drop examination of the medical profession in “Go See the Doctor”.

Spot#3 comes off the top of the dome and heads to the ones and twos in an attempt to open minds, eyes and ears with his noggin-focused “Tete-a-tete” mix. Expect the usual genre jumping mixes, mindless babble and a guest verse from the Beastie Boys in possibly our stupidest ever intro!

Spot 1: “Tale of A Missing Finger”
(Records & Set List)

Spot 2: “Go See The Doctor”
(Records & Set List)

Spot 3: “Tete-a-tete” (Head)
(Records & Set List)



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