SP.o.t.S. Radio “California”

Santa Cruz’s own Teph#4 is in the building for a Spines on the Shelves “California Special”. Why is it “special” I hear you cry? Well because, Teph#4 is in the building… and he’s come all the way from Cali! Haven’t I already said that? Expect a banging Cali Hip Hop set, from #4 himself, an Acidic Magical Mystery bus ride from the Merry Prankster that is the G-Child and a coastal hub focused Golden State road trip from Harry Harry Michael Lewis before Postie brings it home with a laid back “Just Cali Baby” freestyle. The left coast is in full effect SP.o.t.S-style people!


Teph#4: “Cali Hip-Hop”
(Set List)

Spot 3: “Acid”
(Records & Set List)

Spot 2: “Cali Road Trip”
(Records & Set List)

Spot 1: “Just Cali Baby”
(Records & Set List)


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