SP.o.t.S. Radio “Literature”

The Spots studio becomes the Spots Library and the three Spots Librarians channel their inner bookworms with three musical takes on four classic novels! Shanny G (aka spot 3) turns a fanboy love of Watchmen into a 30 minute potted synopsis of Alan Moore’s untouchable graphic novel. Big Brother Postie (aka Spot 1) combines the dystopic visions of Orwell and Huxley with a mix that sonically explores the central themes of 1984 and A Brave New World. Harry Michael Lewis (aka Spot 2) mixes up a genre bending musical take on the pyramid plot structure of David Mitchell’s modern day masterpiece, Cloud Atlas. Books and records unite to bring the ultimate “Spines on the Shelves” experience… and accidentally plot a path for the future of the show.

Spot 3: “Watchmen”
(Records & Set List)

Spot 1: “1984” & “A Brave New World”
(Records & Set List)


Spot 2: “Cloud Atlas”
(Records & Set List)


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