SP.o.t.S. Radio “Movies”

It’s Movie night in the Spots Studio and the DVDs are in play… For his 30 minute examination of another Spine from the collection, Spot 1 (A.K.A Postie) brings Reggae, Hip Hop and Soul to the decks By Any Means Necessary with his Spike Lee Inspired Malcolm X Bio-Mix. Spot 3 (A.K.A Shanny G-Child) loads up the “Boobie Traps” and brings the Adventure with a Nostalgia-inducing, 80’s loving, Goonies tribute. Spot 2 (A.K.A. Harry Harry Michael Lewis) strokes his chin, looks to the sky, and channels his inner Neo with a philosophical and musically eclectic take on the Matrix.

Spot 1: “Malcolm X”(Records & Set List)


Spot 3: “Goonies”
(Records & Set List)


Spot 2: “Matrix”
(Records & Set List)

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