SP.o.t.S. Radio “Video Games”

Thumb blisters bubble up as the Spots Crew AV the TV, unwind the control pads and power up the consoles for a Video Game themed musical tribute to three classic but distinct 1990s cartridges. Spot 3 (aka the G-Child) puts the Technics into gear, wheel spins the record collection and pushes hard on the A button to gets a zoom start with his musical Mario Kart mash up. Ever the intellectual, Spot 2 (aka Harry Harry Michael Lewis) ponders the pieces and rotates the elements into a perfectly-mixed slow-building Tetris eulogy. Up last, Spot 1 (aka Postie) enters the ring for round three, and perforates eardrums with pulsating uppercuts and super sonic booms in his 100% hip hop, Street Fighter 2 love fest. One overall theme, three nerdy DJ types, three 30-minute musical tributes to the spines that sit on our shelves – this is Spots Radio and this is our Video Games episode.

Spot 3: “Mario Kart”
(Records & Set List)

Spot 2: “Tetris”
(Records & Set List)

Spot 1: “Street Fighter II”
(Records & Set List)

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