SP.o.t.S. Radio “Weather”

The SPotS boys reunite with a musical spin on a Brit’s favourite past time – discussing the Weather. Postie aka Spot 1 spirals into a painful bout of Seasonal Affective Disorder – mourning the loss of the summer and resenting the inevitable onset of 4 o’clock darkness and ice cold rainstorms that comes with that October clock change. Harry Harry Michael Lewis aka Spot 2 channels his inner DJ Vivaldi with 4-seasons-in-one-mix – if only he can remember what comes after Autumn! Shanny G aka Gary Windbottom (apparently) is such a free and creative spirit he couldn’t tie himself down to any particular weather pattern. Expect something resembling a Summer Ice Storm set in the Winter Sunshine whilst it rains… whatever that means!

Spot 1: “S.A.D.”
(Records & Set List)


Spot 2: “Seasons”
(Records & Set List)

Spot 3: “Changeable”
(Records & Set List)


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